Sly Geralds is a premier bassist from NYC

Sly is a singer and songwriter who has traveled the world and back with some of the most influential musical artists of our time. He has spent the last several years recording and sharing the stage with musical giants such as Maceo Parker, Al Green, Levon Helm, Richie Havens and Bob Dylan to name a few. He has now put his many years of experience to use as the leader and front man of the Sly Geralds Band. Sly has gathered a group of seasoned professionals to help bring his original music to life. Their style seamlessly blends elements of blues, jazz, funk, soul and rock. Sly’s music gives a nod to the masters of roots music while still maintaining a contemporary feel. His time spent in New Orleans has influenced his writing, as has living in New York City for most of his life. The experience of seeing a live performance of the Sly Geralds Band borders somewhere between a rock show, dance party, Mardi Gras parade and tent revival. The rhythm section throws down an infectious groove driven by Sly’s thunderous bass while the guitar and horns soar high above. Sly’s banter with the audience is equally impressive. He cajoles the audience into leaving their workday worries behind and joining him on the dance floor to “shake what their mama gave them! The band is also up to the task when it comes to entertaining the crowd by playing “the hits. You never know when they’ll break into a smoldering version of a “classic song” by Al Green, James Brown, The Rolling Stones or any number of blues, funk, rock or soul standards. The Sly Geralds band makes regular appearances in the hottest clubs in the New York metropolitan area as well as blues festivals around the U.S. and abroad.
Now, entertaining in beautiful Sarasota, Florida.

The Sly Geralds Band is a Rootsy, Blues laden six piece funky horn driven band, whose blend of “the New Orleans sound” meets the “urban funk” of New York City. The Sly Geralds Band’s highly infectious grooves have kept the crowds rocking internationally for the past several years.


Sly on the Chapman Stick

Sly Geralds Chapman StickI have been playing the Chapman Stick since 2013. Recently I have been performing solo, duo and trio shows using the “stick” as both a bass and melodic instrument. This gives me an opportunity for musical expression unlike any other instrument I have ever played!

Please visit my videos page to look for examples of how I play this versatile instrument . . .


John Cardoso, Drummer

John Cardoso was born in Portugal, raised in California, and is currently residing in New York. Johnís passion for music and love of performance has earned him the reputation as a one-take wonder, a praise for which he is humbly thankful. Influenced by the ever-evolving world of music, and expertise gained by working with different cultures, John continuously inspires the listening ear with his unadulterated talent and addiction to an in-the-pocket rhythm, which always raises a brow or two.

At the age of twelve, John toured the west coast with a local band, setting the course for fast-paced musical career. By the age of fourteen his talents were sought after for studio work within the Portuguese circuit, and drummed on his first 45-vinyl entitled Lusolandia, which spun internationally. Several years later, John gained employment at Yamaha School of Music teaching, as well as performing clinics, at drum festivals and schools in central California. In 1991, John graduated from Grove School of Music and let loose on the Los Angeles music scene, touring, recording, and performing. As a hired-gun, John performed with several notable artists.

For more information about John, please visit his website.


New York Is My Home

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